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Thank you @iamcardib for sharing, we appreciate your love for our products! You have been a loyal #VidaDoll for years! 

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"Using @vida_hairgrowthproducts has helped my hair grow tremendously. I'm really skeptical with products that promise to promote hair growth but this right here was a game changer." - @viva_glam_kay

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"I use @vida_hairgrowthproducts religiously- that and getting monthly trims have been the only thing keeping my hair alive right now. I bleached my hair so much for the red that it got so damaged, and having to maintain it required so much processing- I finally got it back alive." -@missangiemar


"I have been using Vida hair growth ever since I cut my shoulder length bleached hair two years ago and I have never looked back! It has brought my hair not only back to life, but it has also helped me grow my hair back to its original state and more! It's now healthy, shiny, and longer than ever and I am forever grateful because it helped bring my confidence back 💕"- @beautybyrosita

"Omg yes! I love this product and my picture shows awesome results after just three weeks using it." -@paoladeza_studio

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"About a year ago, I found out I had Alopecia Areata. What started with 2 tiny bald spots, ended up being me losing 65% of my hair. Along with other personal issues that I was dealing with at the time, I found myself depressed, insecure and what I thought was the lowest point in my life. Trying to cope with everything that was happening, I was seeking comfort hiding under weaves and wigs and anything to help me feel better about myself. After months of treatments and trying all these different things (that weren't effective), I decided to start my hair journey to see if my hair would grow back. After research on tons of products I came across @vida_hairgrowthproducts. I've been using these hair products since March and let me tell you I don't use anything else. The reason I'm sharing my story is because God only knows all the pain and tears that I shed. But with lots of faith, prayer, and these products I'm finally myself again. I stand today unapologetically myself, comfortable in my own skin and as a woman who is not defined by her hair or looks, but as a woman who is secure in herself and in her faith in God, Who always has my back and never let's me down! Everything in life happens for a reason, and as I look back I'm thankful for it all. The lessons, the setbacks, the pain, and the struggles because they've aided me in becoming the person I am today. Everyone deals with different issues and struggles, but I believe they're all a part of life to help us become better versions of ourselves, Because in life there is always room for improvement. I've never been this transparent before, especially on social media, but felt that by sharing my story it could somehow help someone somewhere in the world. Thank You guys for the love ❤️ and God Bless "- @steph.riv


"Being of mixed race, my hair was so hard to manage. I would wash my hair and not know how it would turn out, whether my hair would be wavy, spiral curls, or a straight frizz ball. My hair has so many different textures and it was so hard for me to find a product that worked.  @vida_hairgrowthproducts are the only products I will ever use because I saw a difference in my hair after the first use! My long, healthy hair is thanks to Vida!"- @ashlrivera